Sunday, October 5, 2008

MaTra : An English to Hindi machine translation system

Translating Languages ....
Revolutionizing Lives................!

India is a linguistically rich nation with 22 national languages recognized by the constitution of India, of which Hindi is the official language. Besides, there are 844 different dialects that are practised in various parts of the country. Being a developing nation India is in great need of information revolution for the growth of the geographically distributed multilingual society. Internet has helped in bridging this geographical barrier but the language barrier remains unanswered as only less than 10% of the population speaks English. 'MaTra' is an attempt to break this barrier.

The current version of 'MaTra' is a step towards the mission of information revolution for the millions of lives in this nation. MaTra, a fully-automatic indicative English-Hindi machine translation system, translates text in English to Hindi. Though the system is designed to support every domain, it focuses on ‘News’ and ‘Medical’ domains as of now. The system works well for simple sentences.

We are working on translation of other types of sentences such as compound, complex, interrogative, exclamatory, etc.

Using MaTra is simple, to try it please click here or try this :

For recent updates on MaTra you can follow this Blog!

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