Friday, March 26, 2010

Rupantar: OpenOffice Writer extension installation and uses

Please reply to this post if you have any issues regarding installation of the Rupantar OpenOffice extention .
Here are some problems you may face while installing the Rupantar in OpenOfice.You may come across these while installing other extensions also. These are not specific to Rupantar.

1] For error:
( { { Message = "", Context = ( @0 } } } }

>>>> Please install '' package from Synaptic manager [specific to Linux machines]

2] For error: Unable to load java while installing the extension

>>>> Please check that your machine has java 6 or above, installed. If you have it and you are still facing the same problem, now you need to mention path of the JRE to be used, in OpenOffice. Please do it this way:

* Go to Openoffice Writer: Tools --->Options ---> ----->java.
* Now check 'use a Java runtime environment' and if you see one/more JREs there, select it/one of them.
* click 'OK'. You may try installing the extension now.

If you don't see any JRE in the window, click 'Add' and select the JRE you want to use from the file browser window.

3] If your OOo starts not responding while you are trying the extension, please check your installed JAVA. To run the extension properly you need "Sun Java" and not the "Free software foundation Java". Check this in Tools --->Options ---> ----->java; and make sure that, the Java being used is Sun Java.

Please feel free to suggest/comment/query!

Prakash B. Pimpale
Xlit Team


Amaltas said...

how to write rya in गडगडणार्‍या or वार्‍याने?

If tried rupantar.html, it converts to rya in surya or Arya..

if used google transliteration, it also gives results like किनाऱ्याकडे which is undesirable.

मुळात र चा पाय मोडायचा नाहीये.... किंवा रफार ही नकोय..


Tridev Ranjan Sharma said...

The Rupantar tool bar button is not appearing after installing this extension. Really don't know that without tool bar button how I can use it?

T.R. Sharma