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SIGAI Workshop on Emerging Research Trends in Artificial Intelligence (ERTAI - 2011)

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SIGAI Workshop on Emerging Research Trends

in Artificial Intelligence (ERTAI - 2011)

19th - 21st June, 2011, C-DAC, E-City Bengaluru, India

Supported by Computer Society of India (CSI)

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About The Workshop

Based on the success of the previous ERTAI workshop, conducted in 2010, CSI- SIGAI has decided to announce the next ERTAI workshop to be held during June 19-21 2011 at C-DAC Electronics City Bengaluru. The backdrop of this workshop remains the same as that of last year. That is, through ERTAI, we plan to continue to provide a forum where those pursuing research in AI can exchange ideas and seek guidance. And those who are seeking to enter into AI research can also get a valuable feel of current research going on in various streams in AI in industry as well as in academia. ERTAI 2011 will enable new and aspiring research scholars to identify relevant and useful research topics and get guidance on their approach and direction.
We invite papers that describe work-in-progress by various research scholars spanning many areas including language processing, multi-agent systems, web mining, information retrieval, semantic web, e-learning, optimization problems, pattern recognition, etc. We also invite suggestions on relevant topics for invited talks -- both in technical areas and and research methology areas. The detailed program for the workshop is being finalized and will be announced shortly.

Proposed Structure of Workshop

It will be a three day programme consisting of,
  • Invited talks covering current trends, specific challenges, etc. in Artificial Intelligence
  • Invited talks on mentoring research scholars on publication, research methodology, etc.
  • Presentations by those currently pursuing research in AI area.
We will have a panel of experienced researchers to evaluate and mentor the research presentations.

Call For Papers

For the research presentations, we are now inviting brief research papers of 5-6 pages, outlining the problem being addressed, approach followed vis-à-vis existing approaches, current status / results, and future plans. A subset will be short-listed for presentation, based on a formal review process. Papers must have significant AI content to be considered for presentation. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to):

Knowledge Representation

Model-Based Learning
Expert Systems

Data Mining
State Space Search

Cognitive Systems
Vision & Perception

Intelligent User Interfaces
Reactive AI

Ambient Intelligence
Artificial Life

Evolutionary Computing
Fuzzy Systems

Uncertainty in AI
Machine Learning

Constraint Satisfaction

Natural Language Processing
Pattern Recognition

Intelligent Agents
Soft Computing

Planning & Scheduling
Neural Networks

Case-Based Reasoning

A one-page call for papers for the ERTAI - 2011 workshop may be obtained from here

Target Audience

Target audience will be primarily:
  • Faculty members pursuing research involving AI as the base or as a tool for an application.
  • Faculty members interested in pursuing research and exploring areas / options.
  • Research scholars working for a post graduate degree.
  • Students seriously interested in research, specifically on AI.

Important Dates

  • Full paper submission deadline - April 30, 2011
  • Acceptance intimation - May 25, 2011
  • Camera ready copy due -  June 05, 2011

ERTAI Secretariat

ERTAI Secretariat
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
68, Electronics City, Bengaluru 560100.
Telephone: +91 80 28523300
Fax: +91 80 28522590
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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